Founded in 2016, Bugsolutely is based in Bangkok and makes the unique, innovative Cricket Pasta, the only pasta with 20% cricket flour, and it is based in the motherland of cricket farming. 

Bugsolutely is part of this nutritional revolution, and put a main focus on using insect flours to make food products. 

A social, green project

Bugsolutely is not only a business, it is also a social project. Cricket flour is  rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral elements, therefore we consider it a major enhancement for healthy food consumption.

On top of the nutritional value, crickets need little food and water (1,000 times less than cows) and they grow astonishingly quickly. Crickets require only 2 kg of feed to make 1 kg of protein, yet a cow needs 10 kg! Clearly, they convert food into protein in a much more effective way than any other farm animal.

The percentages of greenhouse gas emission from insect farming are vastly less than livestock farming which is the largest contributor to global greenhouse emissions at 18%. These are some of the reasons why the United Nations and other international institutions are pushing towards the diffusion of this food source.